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October 18th


Get in the building at McDonald's !!

This staff and student favorite fundraiser is back yet again!


November 3rd

1560 E Hatch Rd

Modesto, CA 95351


20% of proceeds go towards SF! 

You can order in person or online using code FUND~


November 15th

Get ready to run those laps huskies!

Jog-A-Thon is our biggest fundraiser :) 

see's candies

November X-X

Get an early start in for that great holiday gift or super yummy treat! We will have both online and cash ordering. ALL orders need to be in the SF box by XX. Anything turned in after unfortunately will not be ordered. 


short month no fundraiser 

Panda Express

Eat in person or order online to go :)

movie night

January 27th 

Movie will be free! 

Concessions to sell.

Two showing times will be available. 

Movie showing to be determined. 

Paint night

Come on in for our paint night. Pricing will be for one adult and one student combined

We will sell small treats/snacks/drinks.

Our Past Fundraisers

We love sharing our past fundraisers! Each of the below events couldn't have happened with out many of you! 

candy land

We had such an amazing turn out and couldn't have done it without ALL of you! 

We raised over $2,000!!

Way to go Huskies!

paint night

So amazing seeing all the huskies creative skills making plates, bowls, mugs, and tiles.

We had such a great turn out! We raised roughly $1,000!


So many families went out and enjoyed some tasty food. We raised roughly $300!

pick your day

So many huskies got some awesome goodies! 

We raised over $2,000!

With this being one of our beginning of the years kick off we had a great turn out!

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