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2022-23 Completed Events

Winter Candy Cane   &
Valentine's Day Candy Gram Sales

Candy Grams.jpg
IMG6601738675894904885 (1)_edited.jpg

This year, we hosted two special candy gram sales; one for candy canes just before the winter break, and one for Valentine's Day. Students had the opportunity to purchase candy grams on campus and order forms were sent home for parents to conveniently submit orders and cash. Students love to give and receive these special treats during class during the special times of the year!


Jog Shirt Front.jpg

Our annual jog-a-thon was hosted in the fall this year, and we had amazing participation from our students and parents. Although it threatened to rain on us, we were able to complete our typical 30-45 minute run times and were able to keep dry while doing it. Together, we raised over $4,600 in pledges and just over $1,000 in t-shirt sales! Great job Summit Huskies!

Fall Bookfair


Together, we sold over $9,000 from the October book fair! We could not have done this without the generosity of the Summit Husky's friends and family. Thank you, everyone, for coming to the first big fundraiser of this school year, and making it such a success!


Athletic Shoes

So far we have raised over $50 from your donations of used sneakers. All sneakers have gone to a child or person in need. We appreciate your support with this. Please continue to drop your used sneakers in our box in the office. 

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